Professional Care Training-Wisconsin-March 2019

As a massage therapist, I’ve found that my areas of expertise are the areas that I have personally suffered the most. My choice to continue my education through Arvigo training was no different having suffering from a  “tuff tummy” most of my life. What I received from the Self Care  and  Professional Trainings were SO much more than I could have ever anticipated! I have connected with my own body on a totally different level. Through receiving the treatments, I had a profound detox, a heightened awareness, and an unexpected emotional release. Not to mention my shortness of breath caused by anxiety and a very tight diaphragm has left and not returned. I now have the ability to confidently help others change their view of their own bodies. To reconnect with Self. To give them the power to help heal themselves. To step outside of the medical realm and trust in an alternative.

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