Advanced Clinical-California-June 2019

Having attending a Professional Training in 2013 it was time to continue my studies with the Advanced Clinical Seminar this June 2019. The class size was perfect for learning as we give and receive bodywork much of the week (both the PCT and Advanced techniques). Being with such a competent, educated and diverse group of women was welcoming and invigorating. We were able to exchange a plethora of information and bond through our mutual practice our of Arvigo® therapy. Cathy, Bryn and Reisa were well adept in holding a container for us all to explore all of the facets of this specialized modality. Overall, this course deepened my understanding and reminded me of the sacred nature of this work. I am once again inspired to share and offer ATMAT in my practice as a massage therapist and and am looking to future gatherings and trainings and hopefully one day meeting Rosita!


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