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Sheryl Watson
Registered Massage Therapist
Certified Arvigo® Practitioner, Arvigo® Practitioner
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I have been a registered massage therapist in Alberta since 1995 and an instructor in the massage program at Grant MacEwan University since my 2001. I’ve studied many modalities since completing my 2200 hour education and, subsequently, I’ve blended my mainstream medical massage knowledge with holistic energy medicine and shamanic practices. My focus is pelvic health and wellness (women’s and men’s).

Sessions include a review of your health history and a discussion to determine your personal protocol treating physical concerns and quieting the mind so that you may drop into that deep meditative arena where you can hear your body’s wisdom and heal deeply. I feel that our pelvis is the epicenter of our creativity, transformation, vitality, sexuality, sensuality and power. It’s imperative for us to step into a healthier relationship with our pelvis and sexuality not only to restore our physical health, but to enrich our relationships, connect to our creativity, and core desires so that we may live more joyful, soulful, authentic lives.

Vancouver is now my home, but I regularly travel to Edmonton and Calgary treating clients and teaching workshops. Workshops offerings: Women’s Health, Gaia’s Wealth (Edmonton) (Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary). (Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary). (604) 220 - 9265
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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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Empower Health
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208, 255 Commercial Drive Vancouver, BC
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I work with many clients with menstrual and fertility issues as well as general pelvic and digestive health concerns. One of my passions is working with sexual healing and I teach workshop regarding women's sexuality.
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