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Massage Therapist, doula and yoga teacher
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Natasha first began her journey as a nurse and the passion to be a midwife was something that she wanted to finish eventually down the road. She had to put her career on the back burner as a mother of 3 and military wife. She felt like becoming a doula was just one more thing to help her prepare for women’s health and wellness. Natasha is very connected in knowing exactly what sacrificing means, what it feels like to lose your identity after marrying a soldier, missing old friends, family, feeling alone, or disconnected.
She knew that becoming a doula could be so beneficial to serving her community and for the last decade she has taken pride in doing just that!

In Spring of 2016 she decided to open Earthbound, a therapeutic healing space to help those seeking it. Natasha knows and can relate on what military families face, how deployments feel and look like and the struggles of single motherhood.

In 2010, she committed herself into being a doula and strong serving leader within her community. In her studies and experience she has learned through the years to be very business minded and knowledgeable.

In 2011, she decided to temporarily retire her nursing career, decided to take some time off and go back to school. In May of 2012, she completed her doula training with Ann Tumblin from DONA International. In 2013, she helped create "The Mother Worth Network" and hosted a 45 hour CLC training through "The Center of Breastfeeding".

In 2014, she was published in Fayetteville, NC "City View" magazine and the Fayetteville Observer in 2016, her business was recognized for raising doula awareness in the need of supporting mothers within the Fort Bragg area. In 2015, she completed her Registered Yoga Training (RYT) at Embrace Yoga Studio in Fayetteville, NC and specialized in Pre/postnatal Yoga at Asheville Yoga Center and Hot Asana University.

​Natasha is committed to pave a path and reach a positive birth resource network within her military installation. In July 2017, Natasha she opened a non-profit on Fort Bragg called The Military Birth Resource Network (MBRN).

The mission is to support healthy, safe, & satisfying pregnancies, births, & postpartum experiences for military families across the globe from one duty station to the next. For additional information, you can find it here

Natasha is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Integrative body worker. Through her season of life and professionalism, Natasha, is very passionate about utilizing the power of yoga, ayurveda and meditation for self-healing and overall holistic health. She is also working toward a doctorate in Chinese Medicine (including in-depth studies in acupuncture, herbal medicine, body work, nutrition, and qi gong for women's wellness and fertility).

​Over the years, she has attended many conferences, seminars and workshops to further her education and skills to stay up-to-date on research and trends. She has served clients and patients in several states (VA, FL, GA, and NC), in a large number of different hospitals with different care providers having to be flexible and adaptable to her surrounding work environment. She has served women who had non-medicated labors, as well as labors with inductions, augmentations, epidurals, cesareans and VBACs.

Currently, her schedule focuses in bodywork with ancient tradition and modern medicine. Please contact her for more information.
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Southern Pines, North Carolina, United States Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States
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Earthbound Therapeutics
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