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Mina Bubuka
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Since 2000, i have been trained in the psycho-kinesiology approach of Niek Brouw-
reclaiming freedom an health (initially for my own personal development then as
a therapist).I have concurrently worked as a bio-energy healer.
In 2007 i met Julie Hurdenberg and was trained by her in Rejuvance "body therapy
through the face.
In the same year i met and was trained by Ian Jarvis, a Spineworks instructor, who
initiated me into the gentle,but deep, body touch for the alignment of the vertebrae, the neck and the pelvis, for deep relaxation of musculature and nervous
I am Certified Spineworks therapist and instructor throughout Europe and Greece.

In 2008 i met Rosita Arvigo and was professional trained in the Arvigo Techniques
of Maya Abdominal Therapy in Belize, where was initiated to the healing of the abdomen in both men and women.
In 2014 became Arvigo Certified Self Care teacher (ACSCT) which i have since been
teaching both in Greece and Slovakia.
My love of nature has drawn me to a village in Ancient Olympia, where i live holistically, cultivating and gathering my own herbs,which i use in my therapies
and remedies.

Arvigo Certified Self Care Teacher (ACSCT), Arvigo Community Educator (ACE), Certified Arvigo Practitioner (CAP), Arvigo Practitioner (AP)
Practice Locations
Athens, Greece Ancient Olympia, Greece Kalamata, Greece Bratislava, Slovakia Modra, Slovakia
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