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Kayla Becker
Arvigo® Certified Self Care Teacher, Arvigo® Community Educator, Arvigo® Spiritual Healing Practitioners, Certified Arvigo® Practitioner, Arvigo® Advanced Pregnancy, Arvigo® Practitioner
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As a Women's and Reproductive Health educator and advocate, I began my work in 1978, specializing in Fertility Awareness. I earned my Bachelor\\\'s Degree in 1980 in Women\'s and Reproductive Health from Goddard College. As a bodywork practitioner since 1985, I graduated from the Universal Institute for Healing Arts in 1987, and became a member of the National Certification Board in 1994. With continuing education in Counseling/ Psychology, I practice psycho-spiritual bodywork, a combination of massage therapy and counseling. I met Rosita Arvigo and Miss Hortense Robinson in 1995 at the New England Women\'s Herbal Conference in New Hampshire. My work in women\'s health and reproductive health education and massage therapy has been greatly enhanced with the inclusion of Maya Abdominal Therapy. I have been an active student since that first meeting in 1995, a practitioner since 2001, and Self Care instructor since 2006. I have great appreciation and gratitude for the magnificence of this work. I have been privileged to assist, teach, and witness many clients and students experience the joy of learning about their bodies and experience healing in profound ways through this exceptional Abdominal therapy. I work with women and men of all ages. I am especially honored to serve teenagers as clients and students whenever possible giving them a chance to know about their reproductive and digestive systems early in life. I am presently in Graduate School earning a Masters Degree in Somatic and Spiritual Psychology.
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Montpelier, Vermont, United States Oakland, California, United States
United States
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133 Elm Street Montpelier, Vermont 05602
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802 522-7009
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