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Heidi Jost
Arvigo® Certified Self Care Teacher, Arvigo® Community Educator, Arvigo® Spiritual Healing Practitioners, Certified Arvigo® Practitioner, Arvigo® Advanced Pregnancy, Arvigo® Practitioner
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Heidi Marie Jost - RN, NKH, LP, CH, CAP, ACSCT, AAP, ASHP 815-218-9007 Background: • Registered Nurse; 35 years • Certified Clinical Perfusionist; 27 years • Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy Practitioner; 20 years and Certified Self-Care Instructor; 14 years • Integrated Holistic Healer; 16 years Heidi’s extensive background in both traditional and innovative healing modalities, have given her exposure to the unique connected experiences of the heart, body, mind and spirit. Inspired by this, Heidi pursued her passion for advanced healing through the exploration of the essential connection of mind, heart and body. Heidi believes in helping her clients develop a deeper awareness through self-care to harness the potential that exists within us all to promote our own healing and improve our quality of life. Offerings: • Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® • Arvigo® Self-Care Techniques • Integrated Holistic Healing • “A Path to an Awakened Soul” Classes - Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®; ATMAT, are a holistic, non-invasive massage method that benefits the reproductive, digestive and urogenital systems while improving the flow of blood, lymph, nerves, chi and overall health. This approach has been used for centuries to address a broad spectrum of health concerns including; digestion issues, fatigue, body discomfort, gynecological, infertility, sexual, labor and prostate challenges, impotence, and many others. In your initial session, Heidi will provide a comprehensive review and discussion of your personal health history and needs to determine the focus of her treatment, which includes: • Abdominal massage focused on upper and lower abdominal and reproductive organs • Evaluation and application of structural alignment with attention to the sacrum, lumbar and thoracic spine • Instruction in self-care techniques to continue your treatment at home • Recommendations for nutritional and lifestyle adjustments -------Integrated Holistic Healing-------- Heidi has three years of professional training and 4 years of graduate studies in exciting new healing paradigms founded upon ancient spiritual wisdom, quantum physics and modern insight, that culminate in a transformative healing modality. The aim of this is to deepen our understanding of our true selves and nature to enhance our consciousness – ultimately allowing us to heal ourselves, as well as others. This includes the physical, psychological and spiritual issues that we all face as we form relationships, pursue our life goals and process the various obstacles that deter us from having healthier relationships. In your session, Heidi will listen deeply to you to discern the cause of the issues you are facing to then determine the most effective path to healing. This particular form of holistic healing is ideal for individuals seeking: • Resolution of issues and patterns • Physical, emotional and spiritual healing • Healthier, deeper and more authentic relationships • To live life more consciously
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Offices in Chicago and Rockford, Illinois, Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin Please call (815) 218-9007
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Rockford, Illinois, United States Madison, Wisconsin, United States Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
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The Essential Connection, LLC
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Rockford, Illinois, Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin. Please call (815) 218-9007
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