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Gloria de Gast
Massage Therapist, Life Counsellor, Doula
Arvigo® Certified Self Care Teacher, Arvigo® Community Educator, Certified Arvigo® Practitioner, Arvigo® Practitioner
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Gloria started a very long profound path into the so called 'holistic therapies' and parallel, as it often happens, she started a deep work on herself. So everything she has been studying is also part of her personal path and growth, if she is advising for a kind of therapy or path, most probably she has been there already herself. Through a series of synchronicities, thirteen years ago, she encountered the Ayurvedic Massage Treatment and decided to change her life completely, devoting herself to soul searching and caring for people. She graduated in Ayurvedic Naturopathy and immediately began to divulge this ancient wisdom. Her desire to learn more and advance in the world of holistic therapies pushed her to graduate in Shiatsu Namikoshi, Theta Healing, Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki. Besides dedicating herself to individual treatments , she also began teaching, firstly as an amateur to then proceed to educating classes of experts in the wellness field. Working at the ‘Clinica Olistica Life Gate’ in Milan and collaborating with a team of experts in holistic wellness stimulated her to further deepen her search and therefore decided to get a degree in Counseling. Along the way, in addition to classroom training, she makes a very deep personal journey and discovers a variety of techniques such as Family Constellations, Rebirthing, Transcendental Meditation, Shamanism, to name a few. During an unusual encounter, Gloria feels a very strong calling and decides to investigate and work with women from preconception until after birth, thus initiating ‘the Primal Counseling’, a whole new branch of counseling. She met with the very important people in the world of birth and decided, in addition to accompanying women, to divulge this precious knowledge in Italy through the translation of courses, books and DVD’s. She organizes the first DONA Birth Doula Workshop in Italy, translating and working with Debra Pascali-Bonaro and the manual is still in use by DONA International today. She has translated several books including : 'Sacred Birth' by Stephanie Dawn, 'Growing up in Trust' by Justine Mol and the DVD 'Orgasmic Birth' by Debra Pascali-Bonaro. She is momentarily working on the translation of the book 'Gentle Birth Companion' by Adela Stockton. She has done simultaneous translations of various Birth celebrities during the ‘World Summit of Birth’ held in Damanhur, Michel Odent in the seminar 'in the Epigenetics Birth' and 'Pleasurable Birth' with Debra Pascali-Bonaro. Her path has given her thorough knowledge and insight to the female world, to be in contact with women in their most important and intimate moments, and allowed her to get to know wonderful women with whom she shared significant growth and fundamental experiences. Gloria then meets, again through a series of rather amazing synchronicity, The Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, and realizes that her entire journey was to come here, to take care of women, all women, from the first cycle (if not before) until menopause (and beyond).
She is now practicing Arvigo® Therapy and teaching Arvigo® Self Care classes around the globe and interning to become an Advanced Arvigo® Trainer.
Her goal is now bringing women in contact with their most intimate part and make peace with her. She believes that if women start loving themselves and respecting who they really are, they can slowly love their sisters and so build up a society made of sisterhood, that will lead to a wonderful peaceful society! A dream? Well every journey starts with a dream!
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Christchurch, , New Zealand
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Women's Jounrey
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