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The faja is a cloth band worn for comfort and support around the pelvis.  Traditionally, Central American women wore the faja to support their uterus.  Use the faja wIth activities such as  lifting children or heavy items, standing on your feet most of the day, or feeling of heaviness before menses.  Great for pregnant mammas, too.  The faja can be worn comfortably as needed to meet the body’s needs or as your Arvigo practitioner advises.

The batik fashion faja allows women to wear the support band over clothes incorporating it into their daily wardrobe; feeling faja-bulous!

All fajas measure ~ 12 inches x 3 yards,  pre-washed and sewn with love.  Other sizes can be made by request (contact for price).  Order by color tone.

$30 (shipping with in the United States is included free)              Bulk discount for Arvigo practitioners.

Contact info:

Bella’s Botanicals – An all Natural & Organic Herbal Boutique offering Rainforest Remedies Tinctures & Maya Self-Care Healing products.

Bella’s Botanicals are “Bringing Balance Back” to your Divine Feminine body, mind & spirit. Visit her online Herbal Boutique + Self-Care Shop at

Now available for sale:
• Rainforest Remedies Tinctures as formulated by Dr. Rosita Arvigo DN: All herbal tinctures are prepared with positive intention, prayer, faith and love.
• Vaginal Steam Stools/Saunas + Birth Stools: Handcrafted one of a kind stools/saunas made with sacred cedar wood. Designed to last a lifetime.
• Herbal Vaginal Steam Blends
• Maya Moon Oil & Maya Magic Belly Balm
• Healing Salves (Strong Back + Castor Oil)
• Maya Copal & Rosemary Smudging Blend
• Anointing Oils & Crystals
• Yoni Steam Starter Kits
• Womb Wellness & Yoni Detox Kits

Online shop: or

Office phone: 561-762-4273 (call/text)

Castor Oil Roll-Ons, Jeevan Singh

These  organic, cold-pressed castor oil roll-ons each come in a unique glass roll-on bottle, which is refillable. Environmentally-friendly and a perfect size to send clients home with, also great for castor oil packs without the mess!

Order online at my Etsy Shop:

Or email me directly at

Each roll-on is $10.  Bulk orders of 10 or more cost is $6 each plus shipping.

Comfort Castor Cozies

A convenient way to do a castor oil pack in one unit.  Just insert either hot water bottle or electric heating pad.  Add oil on the organic cotton flannel side.  The inside includes wool fabric, enhancing & insulating your heat source.

Prices begin @ $25 & up, plus shipping/handling.

Contact Patience’s email, for ordering your Comfort Castor Cozie!!!

Copal Medicinal Oil

Hand-manufactured by Casa Mascia Apothecary, Toledo, Belize. Distributed by Michelle Brown, ATMAT practitioner.

Michelle Brown of Austin, Texas is now selling Copal Medicinal Oil from Belize! Wonderful as a spiritual massage oil and brilliant as a remedy for muscle aches and pains, rheumatic joints, skin infections, fungus, and insect bites! Available in 2 ounce bottles for $15 each, and 8 ounce bottles with pump for $33, plus shipping.

Rosita Arvigo’s endorsement: “Go for it!”

To order contact Michelle Brown at WildFlowerS: Women, Families, Seniors

Hibiscus Healing Your Source for Maya Rainforest Remedies & More

Jahnan Derso studied with Rosita Arvigo and Miss Hortence Robinson in 2004 and 2005. After practicing massage extensively for 10 years in Hawaii, California, and Pennsylvania, Jahnan is focusing on her raising her family and isn’t actively giving Maya Abdominal Massage with the Arvigo techniques. Instead, she focuses on Self-Care with Maya Rainforest Remedies, herbal & natural remedies, and spiritual healing techniques like Floral Spiritual Baths, Pelvic Floor (Vaginal) Steams, Sitz Baths, and Using a Faja. Visit her website for more detailed information on each of these products at

·       Jackass Bitters Herbal Salve ($10/2oz.)

·       Jackass Bitters Herbal Face Toner ($10/6oz.)

·       Copal Resin ($4)

·       Dried Flowers ($5/two uses)

·       Rainforest Remedies Herbal Tinctures ($10/oz.)

·       Hibiscus Teas ($5 per bag averaging 28 cups of tea)

·       All can be purchased at

Practitioner Wholesale or Affiliate Discounts Available.

Interactive Uterus Costume

Interactive Uterus Costume – An invaluable ATMAT Self Care teaching aid.

Understanding the signs and symptoms of a displaced uterus is a tricky concept for many, especially when people often don’t know where abdominal organs are positioned. Wearing the Uterus Costume or holding the 7 ligaments allows people to see and feel stresses and strains placed on the uterus, her ligaments and surrounding organs which helps to illustrate this concept.

Each costume comes in its own bag containing a set of laminated flash cards with the names of the ligaments and interesting facts on the reverse of each one, helping to stimulate discussion about how each ligament functions.

£200.00 plus post and packing.

Each Uterus Costume is hand made to order, please contact me for delivery times.

Jackass Bitters Tinctures by Integrative Organics

Jackass Tinctures by Integrative Organics and formulated by Dr. Rosita Arvigo: For intestinal parasites, amoebas, skin fungus, candida, viral conditions, and nail fungus.  In time for Flu and Cold Season- ingredients: Jackass Bitters, alcohol.  10% discount available to ATMAT practitioners.  Available in 2 oz. bottles for $20 each.  To place your order, call 954-765-6505 or go to

Nurturing Touch, Tinctures and Castor Oil

Arvigo® Practitioner Amy Dininger has the following prodcuts available for purchase.

Certified Organic Castor Oil (4 oz.) for $10 and Herbal Tinctures (2 oz.) available. The herbal tinctures I have are: Belly Be Good, Blood Tonic, Detox Formula, Female Tonic, Hortence’s Formula, Immune Boost, Male Tonic, Nerve Tonic, Strong Back, Sweet Blood, and Traveler’s Tonic. All tinctures are $20 except Hortence’s Formula which is $22. You can order by visiting my website Nurturing Touch | Roseville Massage Therapy and click on the “Make an Appointment” button. In the upper right corner click “Online Store” and shop away!

Rainforest Remedies by DeAna as formulated by Dr. Rosita Arvigo,DN

All tinctures are infused in 80 proof Rum and process for 6-8 weeks. The cost is $10 an ounce and $2 per bottle.  I have 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32 oz sizes available

I have Belly Be Good, Blood Tonic, Detox Formula, Female Tonic, Flu Away, Hortense’s Formula, Immune Boost, Jackass Bitters, Male Tonic, Nerve Tonic, Strong Back, Sweet Blood, and Travelers Tonic.

Bulk discount available to Arvigo practitioners.  Shipping varies depending on weight  and location and will be shipped promptly.

Please contact DeAna Durbin at 720.320.5270 or by email at

Rainforest Remedies Tinctures

by Erika Lutwin as formulated by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN

Tinctures ofered in two versions: one with vodka and the other vinegar. All tinctures are 2 ounces.

Currently available are Female Tonic, Male Tonic, Nerve Tonic, Strong Back, Hortence’s Formula, Sweet Blood Tonic, Blood Tonic, Belly Be Good Tonic, DeTox Formula, Immune Boost, Traveler’s Tonic and Jackass Bitters.

Cost is $18 per bottle. Shipping/handling is additional.

To order,contact Erika Lutwin:



Rainforest Remedies Tinctures by Muse

Rainforest Remedies Tinctures by Muse All tinctures are extracted in 190 proof grain alcohol and distilled water, using the “weight to volume” method of calculating herb/alcohol ratios to ensure consistency from batch to batch. The process: Herbs are coarsely ground and combined with alcohol solution. Daily, the steeping herbs are shaken to encourage active extraction, and prayers are made to honor the plants for their blessing of healing medicine. After 3-5 weeks, the finished tincture is expressed from the herbs using a high pressure, modern screw-type tincture press. Check website for current availability. Available in 1 or 2 ounce sizes; priced at USD $12 per ounce. ATMAT Practitioners receive a 15% discount on all orders. To order, contact Muse Lokajícková at

Rainforest Remedies Tinctures made by Michelle Brown

RAINFOREST REMEDIES TINCTURES as formulated by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN

Rainforest Remedies are tinctured at full strength in 100% agave tequila (gluten free), and bottled after a minimum of 40 days and 40 nights.

1 oz. dropper bottles for $15 each, 2 oz. dropper bottles for $25.

All formulas are currently available.

To order contact Michelle Brown at WildFlowerS: Women, Families, Seniors

Rainforest Remedy Tinctures from Dakini Love Wellness Practice

Herbal formulas by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN. Herbs are tinctured with vodka or rum and infused with blessings for 1.5 moon cycles, then bottled with love.

1oz. dropper bottles for $12 (plus shipping)

Formulas available: Belly Be Good, Blood Tonic, Female Tonic, Immune Boost, Jackass Bitters, Nerve Tonic, Strong Back, Traveler’s Tonic.

To order contact Molly Green (303) 960-3261 or

Steaming Stool (Hardwood) by Phil Reddick

Hardwood construction for durability and comfort. Stools are approx. 13″H with a 15″ x 18″ seat.

Designed in 2001 specifically for the Maya Abdominal Therapy.

*To order contact Phil : 303-249-8839

Price: $USD 98.00

Steaming Stools by Flower Hand Wellness

These stools are a one-of-a-kind made to order product, crafted by the skilled hands of a woman woodworker. Each board of reclaimed fir carries its own stories and history, shown in marks and imperfections that make every stool unique. Each stool has been finished with three coats of all-natural, non-toxic tung oil and mixed with a citrus solvent that helps the oil to penetrate more deeply into the wood. We stand by the quality of our work and are sure you will love it.

Link To Order through Etsy:

Wisdom Cards

Musing from Don Eliijo Pante and Rosita Arvigo

Collection of sayings from our teachers

45 card pack      $45/pack set includes U.S. shipping

A portion of proceeds benefits children’s programs

To order Contact Christine at

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