Arvigo Practitioner (AP)
These health care professionals have completed initial training to prepare them to apply the Arvigo Techniques in their work with clients. They are authorized to present themselves as Arvigo practitioners while working toward certified status.

Arvigo Advanced Pregnancy (AAP)
These Arvigo practitioners have attended the Supporting Pregnancy from Pre-Conception to Postpartum Training.

Certified Arvigo Practitioner (CAP)
These healthcare professionals have completed initial and advanced training in the Arvigo Techniques.

Arvigo Spiritual Healing Practitioners (ASHP)
These practitioners have attended training in the techniques of Maya Spiritual Healing as taught by Dr. Rosita Arvigo.

Arvigo Community Educator (ACE)
These Certified Arvigo Practitioners are authorized to schedule and present the Arvigo Hands on Healing the Maya Way one day introductory course.

Arvigo Certified Self Care Teacher  (ACSCT)
These Certified Arvigo Practitioners are authorized to schedule and present the Arvigo Self Care course and the Hands on Health the Maya Way one day introductory course.

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first name last namesort descending email city state/zone country AP AAP CAP ASHP ACE ACSCT
Casey Ellison email burlington VT United States - - - - -
Shawna Ellsworth RN, IBCLC, AP email Part time in Cottonwood and Sacramento CA United States - - - -
Jacqui Entwisle email Melbourne 0 Australia - - - -
Amy Erickson email Cornelius OR United States - - - -
Pamèla Espinoza email Monterey,Big Sur and Esalen Institute CA United States - - -
Pamela EwasiukRMT email Victoria BC Canada - - -
Marjolein Faber email Amsterdam 0 Netherlands - - - - -
Anja Farin email Appleton WI United States - - - -
Marissa Farrell, LMT email Wellesley MA United States - - -
Sheila Fay email Watertown MA United States - - - -
Kym Feltovic email Amherst NH United States - - -
Angela Ferri, MA, LMT, RCST*, Perinatal Education email Cabin John MD United States - - -
Yvonne Fey email Medina OH United States - - - -
Christina Fish email Durham NC United States - - - - -
lisa forasacco email sommacampagna verona 0 Italy - - - -
Hannah Ford email Austin TX United States - - -
Lila Ann Frechette email Oakland-Berkeley Border CA United States - - - -
Laurie Freeman email Boscawen NH United States - -
Cynthia Sara Friend email Houston TX United States - - - - -
Anna Friesen email 0 Belize - - - - -