Code of Ethics

The Maya Arvigo International Association (MAIA) Code of Ethics identifies obligations which guide the practitioner in the practice of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy ® (ATMAT) and as representatives of the Association (MAIA) and the Arvigo Institute, LLC.

The code further serves to clarify what consumers, the public, other professionals, and potential practitioners may expect from the ATMAT profession.

The practice of ATMAT exists for the good of all potential clients. This good is safeguarded by practice in accordance with the objectives and outcomes of the Professional Course as taught by the Arvigo Institute, LLC

Decisions regarding ATMAT care require client participation in an ongoing process in order to develop a safe plan of care. This process considers cultural diversity, individual autonomy, and legal responsibilities.


  • Share information with their clients that leads to informed participation and consent. This sharing is done without coercion or deception.
  • Practice competently. They consult or refer when indicated by their professional scope of practice and/or personal limitations.
  • Provide care without discrimination based on race, religion, life-style, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status or nature of presenting complaint.
  • Maintain confidentiality except when there is a clear, serious and immediate danger or when mandated by law.
  • Take appropriate action to protect clients from harm when endangered.
  • Interact respectfully with the people with whom they work and practice.
  • Do not initiate nor tolerate behavior which constitutes sexual harassment.
  • Do not become romantically involved with their clients. Should a romantic attraction exist between a practitioner and client, the practitioner terminates the professional relationship referring the client to another practitioner. The practitioner further refrains from pursuing or responding to a romantic or similar personal relationship with the client for a minimum of one year after the date of terminated treatment.
  • Participate in developing and improving the care of patients through supporting the profession of The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy ® research, and education of other practitioners.
  • Promote community, state and national efforts such as public education to ensure access to quality care and to meet the needs of clients.
  • Maintain their licensure and adhere to the standards and Codes of Ethics of their individual professional scopes of practice.
  • Honor the heritage and lineage of the traditional healers of Belize and their mentor Don Elijio Panti.


revised January 2014 – Approval by the Board of Directors   January 2015


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