Board Members


Christine Lee, L AC - Massachusetts

Christine has served on the board for 3 terms providing insight and support for the long term mission and vision for MAIA and the Institute. She has been a practitioner for over 10 years, Certified Self Care teacher and most passionate about  ancient wisdom of traditional healing modalities of ATMAT.

Vice President

Trudy Zimmerly, LMT - Oregon

Trudy hails from Oregon and has been a board member for two terms actively working with the organization  to maintain this amazing work for generations to follow.  From her many years of experience as a practitioner and teacher she supports groups going to Belize as the "house mother extrodairre". Her passion is plant medicine and ensuring we continue to honor lineage this work derives from and to support Rosita’s vision of the ripples in the pond moving out across the world.


Donna Zubrod, LMT - North Carolina

Donna has served as board President for 2 terms and was the impetus to publish our Journeys In Healing Book demonstrating the numerous benefits from clients and their practitioners from around the world. She is a Self Care Teacher, Advanced Pregnancy teacher as well ad Doula in her community. She feels strongly that our MAIA community is our strength and advantage.  We are an accomplished group of healers from various professions and disciplines who really want to make a difference with what we do.


Erica Grossman, LMT - Massachusetts

Erica is a a long time practitioner and Self Care teacher originally from CT, now in Boston, Mass where she owned a thriving wellness practice, childbirth educator and doula. She brings enthusiasm and knowledge of developing our community professionally and connecting with all practitioners and clients to support the future of ATMAT.

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