Board Members


Erica Grossman, LMT- Massachusetts

"I look forward to the opportunity to further expand on the goals of the MAIA board and Arvigo® practitioner community, with the hopes that we can keep building a deeper rooted support system so all practitioners can flourish."

Erica is a certified Arvigo® practitioner, Self Care Teacher and PCT/Pregnancy assistant. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist working in a busy practice in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and has been the owner of a multifaceted women’s health and wellness center in West Hartford, Connecticut. In addition, Erica is a (mostly) retired childbirth educator, doula, and peer breastfeeding counselor.

Vice President

Laurie Freeman, LMT - New Hampshire

Laurie is passionate about Arvigo® Therapy and all the belly holds. She is an Advanced Level Instructor for the Arvigo Institute and served as New England Regional Coordinator/2015-19. Education for practitioners and clients alike, along with attaining optimum health, are what ignites Laurie’s passion for this deeply profound work. Laurie maintains a private practice in the Lakes Region, NH.


Kimosha Murphy, LMT - Illinois

"My ATMAT professional practice is fulfilling personal and professional goals and now being elected to serve as a Board Member is exciting and humbling at once. ATMAT courses have been pivotal in my professional development as a bodyworker. I’ve incorporated this work into my offerings and my life."

Kimosha has been a bodyworker since 2005 and owns Ki Massage & Bodyworks, LLC in Chicago. She is currently working with a TCM doctor and a Physical Therapist. These studies and putting them into practice continue to expand her regard for the importance of Maya traditional healing to holistic health. Kimosha met Rosita three years after reading the book SASTUN and was truly inspired her to become a practitioner. She is ever grateful for the insights and professional connection to such powerful techniques and mindful people. Kimosha is currently a Community Representative for the Midwest Region of Practitioners.


Jan Scaglia, LMT - Connecticut

Jan is a retired labor doula and has been a massage therapist in a solo practice in CT since 2005, primarily working with, but definitely not limited to, prenatal/post partum women.

"The ATMAT community has welcomed me in as I hope to do for new practitioners entering this amazing group. The strength and support the community gives to one another is why I had to go to Convention in July of 2019. Hearing there was a need of new board members I felt it was my place to give back and help to keep the momentum moving forward making this community thrive around the world."

Member At Large

Marissa Farrell, LMT - Massachusetts

Marissa has been an ATMAT practitioner since 2016. Currently she works in Massachussetts as a massage therapist, doula, Yoga Teacher, and herbal advisor. She shares her office with 3 acupuncturists, 3 other massage therapists, a cranio-sacral healer and one other ATMAT practitioner. Marissa enjoys the support, cross referrals, and comradery this brings. She brings to the board, her enthusiasm, passion and plans to work with Arvigo(R) Therapy well into the future.

"I look forward to the future development and working with practitioners in their communities."

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