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This introductory, one day course provides the participant with a fundamental overview of the anatomy and physiology of the abdominal cavity, history and lineage of the Arvigo techniques and hands on application of the techniques for one’s self. This introductory workshop is taught by Community Educators and Certified Self Care Teachers.

This course does not qualify the Professional Practitioner to advance on to Professional Care Training. Self Care Training is a prerequisite for advancement to Professional Care Training.

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This 2 and 1/2 day class prepares the student to perform The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® on him/herself only. Additionally, this class is a prerequisite to enrollment in the Professional Training for licensed healthcare practitioners.

Self-Care Training covers anatomy and physiology of the abdominal and reproductive organs, addresses causes and symptoms of malpositioned organs and demonstrates self-care techniques. Self-Care also addresses herbal, nutritional, spiritual and emotional support for the massage techniques to ensure comprehensive understanding of the modality and how it contributes to wellness.

Self-Care Training workshops are conducted by a Certified Arvigo® Self-Care Instructor.

Prerequisites: Anyone may register for this class. No prior training or licensing is required.

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This 5 and 1/2 day class follows Self-Care Training to develop the skill required for professional practitioners to apply the Arvigo® Techniques to clients in their practices. This course applies a multi-system approach (anatomy and physiology, lymph, circulatory, etc.) in demonstrating bodywork techniques, addressing herbal and nutritional support, and spiritual and emotional support. Practice development, discussion of clinical challenges, and ongoing support are important activities of this training.

Prerequisites: Prior to attending this class, a student must have successfully completed the Self-Care Training, and must be a licensed health care practitioner. Licensed health care practitioners may include, for example, massage therapists, chiropractors, naprapaths, naturopaths, accupuncturists, nurses, physicians, etc.

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These advanced workshops are for Arvigo practitioners and focus on enhancing current knowledge base and skills for improved clinical application. The agenda includes discussion and skill building sessions on a variety of topics such topics as male health, gastrointestinal issues, pregnancy massage, herbal support, etc. Completion of Professional Care Training required to attend.


This 4 and 1/2 day training reviews and evaluates case studies, specific bodywork techniques, and refines approaches and techniques to prepare Certified Arvigo® Practitioners. During this training, individual technique is evaluated by Dr. Arvigo. Peer review, practice development, and further in-depth training and education are included. Students will be certified to practice The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® following successful completion of this class and approval of all requirements by Dr. Rosita Arvigo.

Prerequisites: Candidates who have successfully completed Professional Care Training, submitted the required number of case studies and are current members of the Maya Arvigo International Association (MAIA) are eligible to attend this training.

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Teacher training offers the Certified Practitioner advanced training and preparation for offering the Arvigo® Self-Care Training Workshops. The training includes knowledge base of the Arvigo Techniques, a written examination, and development and evaluation of presentation skills.

Prerequisites: Candidates who have successfully completed the Certification Program and completed one year as a Certified Practitioner may complete an application for this workshop.

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Modern medicine is beginning to understand the healing wisdom of ancient cultures. The link between many physical illnesses is connected with unresolved emotional stress and distress. This workshop addresses the causes and treatment of chu’lel (life force) and four major spiritual illnesses of the Maya: susto (fright), pesar (grief), tristeza (sadness), and invidia (envy), and the uses of healing techniques such as prayer, herbal bathing, and incense.

No children and pregnant women please.

Limits of Arvigo Spiritual Healing Arvigo® Spiritual Healing

Arvigo® Spiritual Healing practitioners have completed one or both of the Arvigo Institute classes in Maya Spiritual Healing with Dr. Arvigo who studied more than thirty years with various traditional healers in Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala.These timeless and gentle methods assist with healing the emotional and spiritual residue of traumatic life events. These may include fright (Susto), grief (Pesar), sadness (Tristessa), chronic anger (Courage) and envy (Invidia).

All Arvigo® Spiritual Healing Practitioners operate under their scope of practice and licensing as health care professionals or, if not health care professionals, under the limits of the Arvigo Institute classes presented by Dr. Arvigo which do not address mental health diagnosis, psychotherapy, counseling, or medication. Arvigo® Spiritual Healing Practitioners who are also licensed mental health professionals may employ those treatments in their work with clients under the scope of their professional licensing and the decision of whether or not to do so is the responsibility of the individual practitioner.

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By request of previous participants in our Spiritual Healing Workshop, Dr. Rosita Arvigo has developed an Advanced Part 2 seminar to enhance and deepen one’s connection and understanding of spiritual healing.

This experiential workshop will expand your relationship with plant allies, prayers, pulse diagnosis, Spiritual.

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