Miss Beatrice Waight

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Miss Beatrice was born on January 8th, 1948 in the village of Santa Familia, Belize where she lived all of her life. She was a Yucateca Maya woman whose family migrated to Belize from The Yucatan region of Mexico during the caste war in the late 1800’s. Miss Beatrice was born in the caul or amniotic sac which in her culture is the sign of a seer. Even as a young girl she was very much in touch with the spiritual world and very interested in the healing plants her father, a curandero and spiritual leader in the village, used in his healing practice. Her Grandmother and her mother were traditional midwives from whom she learned herbal remedies and massage techniques. Later in her life she became a village healer herself relieving the physical, emotional and spiritual aches and pains in the many who came to seek her help. Miss Beatrice also taught her Maya healing ways to fortunate students all over the world. Miss Beatrice had nine children all but one of whom were born completely naturally at home with the aid of traditional Maya Midwives. Beatrice was a committed, hard working mother who loved her children enormously and succeeded in putting eight of them through college and onto successful occupations through her own hard work and dedication. Her youngest daughter Zena, age 22 years old, is just beginning her studies in Business at Gaylen University, an internationally recognized institution in Belize and a fund has been created to see that her tuition for four years is provided to her. Miss Beatrice has a huge heart and a strong shining will. In the face of intense hardships and a cultural atmosphere that discouraged women from leading ceremonies and practicing spiritual healing she has boldly carried the torch of both the Maya women’s ways of midwifery, herbs, womb massage and natural well woman care and the previously male roles of Maya spiritual healer and ceremony leader for her family, her village and hundreds of people all over the world. She has been a vehicle for change regarding women’s power and women’s roles in her family and victoriously raised girls who believe in themselves and who are proud of their Maya heritage. Miss Beatrice was not only a guardian of the Maya way of healing for women, a traditional Maya spiritual healer and leader of ceremonies, she was a loving mother, sister, aunt, grandmother and friend who constantly held a loving space for her extended family.  Miss Beatrice had a radiant smile, an outrageous sense of humor, vast wisdom, deep strength, a keen intuition and an enormous heart. Miss Beatrice passed away on October 3rd, 2010. We who knew her were very blessed, and she will be loved forever. 

Katherine Silva