Testimonials from clients, practitioners and students.

Self Care Student from Canada

“I learned more detailed information regarding how consistent abdominal massage can have an impact on multiple systems/functions of our body – mind- spirit.”

Kendra Tize, Canada

What a Professional Organization

I have been a massage therapist for 15 years, which means that I have spent a lot of time communicating with CEU educators and sitting in their workshops. The Arvigo Institute has been the most professional group of people I have ever worked with from end to end.

Starting with the small office staff – Whether you are corresponding with Melinda or Diane, you can expect a timely response with easy to understand explanations for what you need.

Then we have the fearless leaders of our membership association that dedicate hours and hours of their time off the clock to support Rosita, the Institute’s and the community’s visions. Forever lending that guiding hand like a nurturing aunt you can’t wait to see on Thanksgiving.

Finally and definitely not least we have the teachers and their volunteer support team for the trainings. I have attended 4 trainings now and every one was a 5 star experience.

If you are interested in specializing and dedicating your practice to digestive and reproductive wellness in your community, the Arvigo® Institute and it’s supporting team is the gold standard in my book. You will not be disappointed.

November 11, 2017, Danica Todd, Arvigo Practitioner and Teacher

Professional Care Training

“This program was taught in a way that was easy and fun to learn. Not only did I feel I gained the proper skills to apply this work to others, I had a profound sense of healing and balance when I received from others. Overall, this was the best training I have ever received.”   Student from Professional Care Training, October 2018 in New Hampshire

Professional Care Training

“This course speaks for itself as does this amazing therapy. Not only did I learn such an amazing therapy for which I am grateful, I learned a lot about myself.”  Student from Professional Care Training, March 2017 United Kingdom

Advanced Pregnancy Training

“This class was superior to the pregnancy class I took in massage school. I especially appreciated knowing the “whys” of each movement. I now have a much higher level of comfort with this subject material and confidence to work with this population I did not have a week ago. I love that the course included a review of Professional Training, an intro to fertility vocabulary and a foundation in Mayan traditions. I truly believe this will have a positive impact on this world.”  Student from Advanced Pregnancy Training, October 2018 New Hampshire

Anterior Training Michigan May 2019

It was an amazing class. Beth is a beautiful human and a very engaging teacher.
I feel super competent in my application of all she presented. We had lots of hands on practice. The group of women were exquisitely ready to give and receive with so much fullness and expansion.  (Lorelei Love, Student)

Advanced Clinical-California-June 2019

Having attending a Professional Training in 2013 it was time to continue my studies with the Advanced Clinical Seminar this June 2019. The class size was perfect for learning as we give and receive bodywork much of the week (both the PCT and Advanced techniques). Being with such a competent, educated and diverse group of women was welcoming and invigorating. We were able to exchange a plethora of information and bond through our mutual practice our of Arvigo® therapy. Cathy, Bryn and Reisa were well adept in holding a container for us all to explore all of the facets of this specialized modality. Overall, this course deepened my understanding and reminded me of the sacred nature of this work. I am once again inspired to share and offer ATMAT in my practice as a massage therapist and and am looking to future gatherings and trainings and hopefully one day meeting Rosita!


Professional Care Training-Wisconsin-March 2019

As a massage therapist, I’ve found that my areas of expertise are the areas that I have personally suffered the most. My choice to continue my education through Arvigo training was no different having suffering from a  “tuff tummy” most of my life. What I received from the Self Care  and  Professional Trainings were SO much more than I could have ever anticipated! I have connected with my own body on a totally different level. Through receiving the treatments, I had a profound detox, a heightened awareness, and an unexpected emotional release. Not to mention my shortness of breath caused by anxiety and a very tight diaphragm has left and not returned. I now have the ability to confidently help others change their view of their own bodies. To reconnect with Self. To give them the power to help heal themselves. To step outside of the medical realm and trust in an alternative.

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